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Though I still hope to have these essays, papers, etc., published for posterity, this conflicts with the notion that our time-binding formulating should freely, benefit future generations. Therefore I offer my papers for free access, in the hope to further philoso-scientific progress, aswell as advance our society towards healthier evaluating. My co-author James D.W. Lyon, has kindly allowed access to our co-operated papers.
The papers as such an paper archive, etc., can become accessed via "File Catalog” (via list of contents, with list comprised of  2 pages) under "My Files”, which lists them for Download; once after selecting a title by double left click, single left click onto "Download From Server” (appearing below the "Entry Title”), which one can then click onto "Open” (directly opening the document for reading), "Download” (to a device, otherwise to your PC), "Cancel”. The length-and-complexity of many of the papers (especially the amount of data involved in the images, etc., prevent some papers from becoming available as other than in separate Parts), have made it easier to up-loaded the essays intact on "File Catalog”, from which you can Open a page (which take several minutes, perhaps a little longer due to unknown factors), otherwise save them to a device. Further to one can access some Essays, specialist pieces from "Publisher”, then "Essays” which will appear below on the left; of which we view as having special significance.
Furthermore, "Site Catalog” provides web-links to useful internet sites. At the moment we have only included 2 links for the Institute of General Semantics, along with the European Society For General Semantics; however, we hope to include a variety of useful sites.
Please make reference to our papers, If you use them in your work.
Please see below for a full list of papers on offer on this site.
Sidle, Paul S. (2017) "Non-Aristotelian Premises". 
Sidle, Paul S. (2018) "Origins Of Non-Aristotelian Systems".
Korzybski, Alfred (1923) "Fate And Freedom". 
Korzybski, Alfred (1924) "Time-Binding: The General Theory". Paper I.
Korzybski, Alfred (1926) "Time-Binding: The General Theory". Paper II.
Korzybski, Alfred (1931) "A Non-Aristotelian System And Its Necessity For Rigour In Mathematics And Physics".
Korzybski, Alfred (1936) "General Semantics: Extensionalization In Mathematics, Mathematical Physics And General Education. Paper I. The Extensional Method”.
Korzybski, Alfred (1938) "General Semantics: Extensionalization In Mathematics, Mathematical Physics And General Education. Paper II. Thalamic Symbolism And Mathematics”.
Korzybski, Alfred (1940)   "General Semantics: Extensionalization In Mathematics, Mathematical Physics And General Education. Paper III. Over/Under Defined Terms”.
Next 2 papers published together:
Korzybski, Alfred (1944) "Extensional Analysis Of The Process Of Abstracting From An Electro-Collodial Point Of View ".
Korzybski, Alfred (1946) "Extensional Analysis Of The Process Of Abstracting From An Electro-Collodial Non-Aristotelian Point Of View ".
Korzybski, Alfred (1946) "General Semantics: An Introduction To Non-Aristotelian Systems”.
Korzybski, Alfred (1947) "General Semantics: Toward A General System Of Evaluation And Predictability In Solving Human Problems”.
Korzybski, Alfred (1950) "The Role Of Language In Perceptual Processes".
Kodish, Bruce I (1997) "Contra Max Black: An Examination Of Critiques Of General Semantics".
Stockdale, Steve (2000) "Korzybski's Structural Differential And Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder".
Pula, Robert P. (1979) "Knowledge, Uncertainty And Courage: Heisenberg And Korzybski". 
Mayper, Stuart A. (1980) "The Place Of Non-Aristotelian Logic In Non-Aristotelian Evaluating:  Einstein, Korzybski And Popper".
Haney, William V. (1969) "Inference-Observation Confusion:  The Uncritical Inference Test".
Turing, Alan M. "Computing Machinery And Intelligence".
Lyon, James D.W.; Sidle, Paul S. (1990) "Null-Abstracts An Overview For Uncommon Sense”.
Lyon, James D.W.; Sidle, Paul S. (1990) "Hyper-Organum:(Beyond 'Logic') An Introduction To Korzybski’s Non-Aristotelian Systems And General Semantics (Revised)”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2011) "Extensionalizing: Importance Of Perceiving Afresh For Evaluating”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Non-Verbal Level (Object): Sensing".
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Multi-Ordinality: Functionality On The Verbal Levels". 
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Impossibility Of  'Sameness' ".
Sidle, Paul S. (2006) "Non-Aristotelian 'Logics': General Semantics" (formerly entitled: "Non-Aristotelian Non-Elementalistic  Psycho-Logics: Coherent Evaluational (Insight-Logics) Dialectics").   
Sidle, Paul S. (2004) "Non-Euclidean Geometry: The Falsity Of Euclid’s Fifth Postulate”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Non-Newtonian Physics I: Measurement".

Sidle, Paul S. (1992) "Thalamo-Cortical Pause (Integration) The Formation Of A Gestalt”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1992) "An Introduction To Gestalt Psychology”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "A Gestalt Theory Of Love”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "A Critique Of ‘Behaviorist-Cognitive’ Theory”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2003) "‘Intelligence’ A Lack Of Insight”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1988) "Motivation: A ‘Meaning For Life”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2005) "‘Personality Disorder’ A Confusion Of Terms”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2010) "Psycho-Pathy: Consequence Of A Paradigm”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2011) "The Strangeness Of Color Perception”.
Campbell, Douglas Gordon (1937) "General Semantics: Implications Of Linguistic Revision Theoretical And Clinical Of Neuro-Psychiatry”.
Kelly, Douglas M. (1951) "Use Of General Semantics And Korzybskian Principles As An Extensional Method Of Group Psychotherapy In Traumatic Neuroses”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "The Seven Characteristics Of Sentience”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2007) "Non-Aristotelian Bio-Logics: Darwinian Evolving Via Non-Elementalism”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2010) "Nature-Nurture: A Prejudice By Degrees”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2013) "Human Evolution: Some Important Fossils”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2013) "Human Evolution: A Special Case OF Bipedalism”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Psyhco-Neuro-Physio-Physico-Chemistry: Electro-Colloidal Structure-Function".
Sidle, Paul S. (1992) "Contextualism: The Non-Existence Of Universal Laws”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2001) "Multi-Causality: Variables In Infinite Causality”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "Democracy Through Self-Determinism”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "Ethics: The Fallacy Of ‘Good And Evil’, Further On The Notion Of ‘Absolute Right Or Wrong’”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2003) "Self-Determinism: Free-Choice Through Determinism”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2003) "Trans-Economics: Self-Actualizing-Cooperation (Revised 2010)”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2011) "A Human Manifesto: Necessity For Change, Humanity’s Ascent Undone”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2017) "Dyson Sphere".   
Sidle, Paul S. (2017) "The Moon, Data, Resources, Future Uses".
Lyon, James D.W.; Sidle, Paul S. (1989) "Supplement I: Hyper Organum (Beyond ‘Logic’) Revised”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "Supplement II: "Science And Sanity” Preparatory Reading””.
Sidle, Paul S. (1997) "Supplement III: Terminology”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2005) "Supplement IV: Understanding Alfred Korzybski’s "Science And Sanity””.
Sidle, Paul S. (2005) "Supplement V: E-Prime As An Extensional Language”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2005) "Supplement VI: Plato’s "The Republic"”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2007) "Supplement VII: The Premises”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2011) "Supplement VIII: Mathematico-Logical Dervation Of Non-Universal Law”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2012) "Supplement IX: Keynes Vs. Hayek; Dynamics Of Boom-And-Bust”.
Sidle, Paul  S. (2014) "Supplement X: Neo-Classical Economic Theory: A Fantasy On Reality".
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Supplement XI: Artificial 'Intelligence' (AI)" .
Sidle, Paul s. (2017) "Supplement XII: Dolphin Bubble Culture".
Sidle, Paul S. (2016) "Supplement XII: Recent Fossil Finds".  
Sidle, Paul S. (2017) "Supplement XIII: Myers-Briggs".
Sidle, Paul S. (2017) "Supplement XIV: Origins Of GS Contextualism ".
Sidle, Paul S. (2017) "Supplement XV: Non-Linear Null-A-GS Mind-Map".
Lyon, James D.W.; Sidle, Paul S. (2012) "Review On Csikszentmihalyi’s (1993) "The Evolving Self"”.
Sidle, Paul S. (2014) "Jesco Von Puttkamer's "The Sleeping God"".
Sidle, Paul S. (2014) "A Critique Of Machiavelli's  "The Prince"".
Sicle, Paul S. (2017) "A Critique Of  Aniruddh Shastree's "Time-Binding And Suatainable Development: A Comparative Praxis"".
Sidle, Paul S. (2001) "Chess Maxims: A Non-Aristotelian Approach”.
Sidle, Paul S. (1987-) "Poetry Pt. I-II”.
Non-Newtonian Physics: series of essays 
Logical Fate-Destiny Diagram
Non-Aristotelian Epistemology: Empiricism.
A Critique Of Freudian Psycho-Dynamics.
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