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Welcome to our web-site, Non-Aristotelian Evaluating. The intention is not only to provide essays, papers, etc., on the Korzybskian paradigm (Non-Aristotelian) and General Semantics, but to include the Non-Euclidean, Non-Newtonian systems, aswell as any other subjects-influenced-or-influenced-by life-evolving evaluational (semantic) transacting.

Apart from our intention to promote essays, we will provide, advice, information, etc., freely, via our Forum, where you can reach out to others having similar views, in support against a paranoid world, manipulated-controlled by Aristotelian values. Otherwise please feel free to contact ... Read more »
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Logical Destiny Diagram Revised after J.D.W. Lyon, P.S. Sidle (2010).
After James D.W. Lyon, Paul S. Sidle (1990), modified from Alfred Korzybski's (1923), "Fate And Freedom". Where "Logical Destiny" entails Cassius Jackson Keyser's (1922) "Logical Fate".
While there is no denying Alfred Korzybski’s later versions of the "Logical Destiny” diagram has a singular logical beauty, I feel-think (evaluate) that their oversimplification while without explanat ... Read more »
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Institute Of General Semantics.
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