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Paul S. Sidle (2011) "A Human Manifesto: Necessity For Change, Humanity's Ascent Undone".
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A Human Manifesto: Necessity For Change, Humanity’s Ascent Undone.
The purpose of the Essay: "A Human Manifesto: Necessity For Change, Humanity’s Ascent Undone", involves an exploration of the problems still facing Humanity-Earth-and-Organisms; making recommendations for possible solutions. Money often the reason for the solving of humanity’s problems, however, both often causes the problems in the first place. We do not help others if we ourselves lack the money, resources, etc. Economists hell-bent on rationalizing the economy-and-budget, argue against the growing costs of Welfare, Health, etc., instead arguing for competition-and-privatization. However, exploitation for profit remains the ultimate priority, regardless of any arguments concerning competition driving prices-costs down, promoting efficiency-and-quality; where, competition remains only a transitory stage in the ultimate out-competition of others, whereby the costs, losses, etc., become transferred to short-cuts, passed on to consumers, otherwise simply cut-out as unaffordable. Meanwhile, the deceitful, cynical, arguments, as to how to solve the problems of want, starvation, squalor, disease, etc., becomes a juggling-act ultimately doomed to fail by the Capitalist-system periodically crashing out. Alfred Korzybski (1921) in "Manhood Of Humanity", had argued for the power to be taken away from the Banks, whilst formulated Time-Binding (capacity to improve on the accumulated abstractions [insights] of others, then transmitting it for future generations) which argues that the discoveries, innovations, inventions, art, etc., represent an in-valuable resource for humanity, which cannot be owned, exploited, etc., by others, but instead should become viewed as a free-gift. Korzybski (1921) phrased this appalling, exploitation in flagrant terms: "...the prostitution of works of the dead by the living". Though Korzybski (1921), argued for a competition of excellence, Time-Binding of course not only runs counter to the making of profit, but this profit making runs counter to co-operation. The free-gifts of Time-Binding should benefit humanity, not the lining of the pockets of the greedy few. In order to address the welfare-and-health problems of the world, we need to dispense with the arguments involving the finite quantity of money, indeed therefore the need for money as a ways-and-means to social-organize humanity. Instead, as in following Gene Roddenberry’s (1960s) Sci-Fi vision, "Star Trek", our social-organizing purpose might involve self-improvement. However, humanity has the responsibility for the welfare, conservation, etc., of the Earth-and-organisms-upon-it, for not only will we regret their extinction, the destruction of their habitats, etc., but ultimately their survival entails ours. This may relate to an emergence of the notion of purpose involving self-improvement, to that of involving humanity as the consciousness of the universe, hence conscience. Of an equal pressing importance, involves the other rising sentient species, which research suggests that despite lacking in advance technology, able to understand them, etc., that they nevertheless appear equal to us as sentiently-aware. Yet despite this, the exploitation-and-pollution of their habitats, slaughter of their species for various reasons, including for food, resources, cynically as pests in competition for resources, etc., continues unabated. Further, to this remains the special problem of Democracy, as able to function without the recourse for representatives, nor a Government, ultimately, involving the trust in an educated-informed world populace, to vote. Furthermore, the requirement for the necessary support organizations, to organize-implement the will of the people-and-Constitution. The need for a World Earth Organization (W.E.O.), World Wild-Life Organization (W.W.O.), sub-organized for Conservation, Research, protection, via a Non-Interference (Prime) Directive, in order to protect human tribes, furthermore in order to protect them from us, as Regions Of Special Protection (R.S.P), otherwise as World Wild-Life Sanctuary (W.W.S.)., etc.; Foreign-Life, Astro-Nautics, Trans-Terran Exploration (F.A.T.E), in order to fulfill humanity’s destiny; etc. Lastly, included at the end of the discussion of problems-and-possible-solutions, the construction of a proposed Constitution (otherwise a Bill Of Rights), whereby a pure-democracy involving the power residing with the people, might legally function, with the necessary legislature for human rights. Ultimately, that co-operation not competition, becomes essential in order to save the Earth, hence save Humanity.
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