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5:17 PM

Welcome to our web-site, Non-Aristotelian Evaluating. The intention is not only to provide essays, papers, etc., on the Korzybskian paradigm (Non-Aristotelian) and General Semantics, but to include the Non-Euclidean, Non-Newtonian systems, aswell as any other subjects-influenced-or-influenced-by life-evolving evaluational (semantic) transacting.

Apart from our intention to promote essays, we will provide, advice, information, etc., freely, via our Forum, where you can reach out to others having similar views, in support against a paranoid world, manipulated-controlled by Aristotelian values. Otherwise please feel free to contact us.

In a Capitalist system of users-and-abusers, the work of the dead have become prostituted by the living for a profit; whilst even those still alive are not privy to their entire proceeds, since the publishers-bankers-and-share-holders share a fraction of these profits, by contract. Scientists, have become tied to business Corporations, no longer able to pursue their own interests, otherwise creating resistance for a Science driven by curiosity, the improvement of humanity, etc. Whilst these Corporations lobby-and-bribe politicians, help the starving-and-ill only via a profit, meanwhile ravage the Earth for resources which is not sustainable, irrespective of any concerns for the consequences on organisms, bio-spheres, for global-warming, etc. In the words of a manager (early 1990s), "It is the responsibility of every person in this nation, to make more profit than the previous year”; really, should that involve our meaning of life? Therefore in the view of Korzybski (1921), our Time-binding efforts should instead become considered a free-gift (exemplified by the work of the dead, past on to future generations) by innovators, to assist the betterment of humanity’s lot, to relieve the suffering of the diseased, etc., in short continue changing the world for the better. Whereupon involving a competition not for profit, but for innovating excellence.

Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski, a Polish Count, born July 3, 1879, an Engineer, Ā-GS innovator, served the Polish army as an Intelligence Officer, during the First World War. Like many people of conscience, became galvanized to prevent such pointless loss of life, suffering, aswell as stupidity, which culminated during W.W.I., as-a-result Korzybski published in 1921, "The Manhood Of Humanity”. The researchers began, Korzybski would later produce two papers on "Time-binding: The General Theory”, August 1924, June 1925, extending from his notion on the ‘Classes’ of life laid out in "The Manhood Of Humanity”. Ultimately, leading Korzybski to question Aristotle’s system known as Organon (an instrument, otherwise ‘logic’), whereupon he published in 1933 "Science And Sanity: An Introduction To Non-Aristotelian Systems And General Semantics”. Korzybski left his beloved Poland in the years following W.W.I., to naturalize with his wife in the U.S.A., whereupon he subsequently founded the Institute Of General Semantics in Chicago. Functioning as the first Director, Korzybski gave seminars, wrote papers, inaugurated Congresses, over-saw the publication of the annual "General Semantics Bulletin”, etc., until his death on March 1, 1950, fittingly at his desk whilst revising a paper.

Though many books, articles, etc., have become written during, but particularly after Korzybski’s death, none of the authors have come remotely close to his complex understanding, articulation, humanity, etc., of Korzybski.

Meanwhile, the western world has somehow muddled on blindly oblivious to their mis-evaluational chaos via their Aristotelian-conditioning via an education system not even suited for employment by the criteria of employers, let alone how to survive life. However, for how much longer?

Our hope...that you will not only enjoy our web-site as an experience, finding it as an important continuing resource, but failing this, at least that you find the essays, etc., evaluationally-provoking. That whether you may agree-or-not entirely with the content, that you will nevertheless become spurred on to explore these ideas, but importantly to change the world in your own way, for the better.

Paul S. Sidle (July 10, 2010). 


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