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Dr. Irving J. Lee (b. October 27, 1909 - May 23, 1955) Professor of Public Speaking, General Semantist, author of (1949) "Language in Thought and Action".

Graduated from New York University in 1931 with a B.S. in English and attended the Bread Loaf School of English in the summer of 1932 in Middlebury, England. After working as an instructor in Social Sciences at Boonton, High School in Boonton, New Jersey from 1931-1934, he then earned an M.A. in Public Speaking in 1935 and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology and Rhetoric in 1938, both from Northwestern University.

Lee was Instructor in Speech at Northwestern University, 1936-1942; Assistant Professor
of Speech, 1942-1947; Associate Professor of Speech, 1947-1949; and Professor of Public
Speaking, 1949-1955. Lee was a Visiting Professor at the University of Iowa in 1946 and at the University of Wyoming in 1954.

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