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                 What is life, no one knows,
                 Other than, it is defined by death.
                 What is death, no one knows,
                 Except, that is what they fear.
                 Who are you, that I may love,
                 But only when it is too late.
                 Who am I, that I might try,
                 To put this world aright.
                 What is this reality, if not a dream,
                 Do we perceive it differently.
                 What is this world, that we create,
                 If truly cheating evolution.
                 What of these creatures, that we use,
                 Destroy and abuse, deceitfully needing.
                 What of this land, that some claim,
                 That was not theirs to begin with.
                 Why does God, who is omnipotent,
                 Allow innocents to suffer.
                 Where is heaven and where is hell,
                 If it is not, from what we do to each other.
                 What is faith, that is so blind,
                 Since it is devoid of reason.
                 Why do priests, who preach poverty and goodness,
                 Persecute the wicked and adorn themselves in riches.
                 Why should I socialize and help others,
                 When others’ agendas make it hopeless.
                 Why lay waste and pollute this environment,
                 If we expect to continue to live off it.
                 Why should money be important,
                 When others suffer and die because of it.
                 Why equate making love with having families,
                 And expect there to be room, on this Earth.
                 Why seek to learn or gain experience,
                 If what we are is innate or in our genes.
                 Why educate our children at all,
                 If with false values and illusions.
                 Why should we even other with reason,
                 If we ‘think’ we can understand emotion.
                 Why should we expect to progress,
                 If ourselves in the present, is all that concerns us.
                 Why seek any truth,
                 If we are happy in our prejudice and delusions.
                 Why vote at all, If you vote for someone to decide for you.
                 Why always obey the laws, If we can always find exceptions.
                 Why give incentives and punish people,
                 When you would not abuse or manipulate your children.
                 Why say something is good or evil,
                 If you mean only to persuade others.
                 What of the knowledge you collect,
                 If it is only to make you complacent.
                 What of the people you reject and neglect,
                 If you claim yourself human.
                 What of the Cetaceans we slaughter for experiment?
                 If you suspect they may be sentient.
                 What of the creatures and forest; what of ourselves,
                 If they were to become extinct.
                 Why is making love pornographic,
                 Whilst making war is glorious.
                 Why produce food and medicine,
                 If their distribution is not free to those who need it.
                 Why persecute some, while treat others better,
                 When we are only different, not inferior.
                 Why do anything at all,
                 If you do not really mean it...
                                                     Paul S. Sidle.
                                                     September 16, 1997.
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